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Help Save Our Shelter
Bay Area Pet Adoptions is a non-profit, 501(c)3 No-Kill shelter, pet rescue, and adoption organization that relies on donations from the public to house, feed, and medically care for the dogs and cats taken in our adoption program. We are not operated or funded by any national animal group and must rely on contributions from people like you to keep our shelter open. All financial contributions and in-kind donations are tax deductible. Our shelter does not euthanize for space. Read more about us here.

WoofStock! 2016 Was a SUCCESS!
Our THANK YOU to Boondoggles Pub, Chelsea Wine Bar and everyone who came out and supported us. A fun day was had by all and $8,300 was raised to help safe more animals lives.

Marianne White Senior Pet Fund
Thanks to Marianne White, a long time Galveston County resident and animal lover who passed away in 2015, we are able to offer a special adoption rate of $25 for our most senior pets.  Read More...

Please Help Us Fill Our Giving Grid.
Have you ever noticed how many kittens and puppies come into this world each spring? Unfortunately, many stray cats and dogs have not been spayed or neutered. The result is predictable. More stray cats and dogs join the animal population. Many of these animals die before reaching maturity and others are euthanized at shelters as populations explode. Help us save more of these tiny creatures from that outcome. Please visit our Giving Grid.

Raise the Roof! $30,000 in 90 Days!
Our Raise the Roof campaign is officially over and we thank all who contributed.  The campaign raised over $24,150 and we are happy to report that the new kennel run roofs should be completed by the end of this week.  We, and our dogs, thank you for helping to create a safe and dry environment for them!

THANK YOU To Roger Gage!
Our sincere thanks to Roger Gage who donated a commercial van to the shelter in response to an article in The Citizen which addressed our transportation needs in the event of a hurricane evacuation. Roger not only donated the van, he refurbished the vehicle and had a Bay Area Pet Adoption signs made for it. Thanks to his generosity, we will be able to evacuate all of our shelter animals. We appreciate his magnanimity, effort, and kindness. Roger, you rock and we can’t thank you enough for caring about the safety of our pets!
Roger Gage Group Photo

August is that time of year to re-enroll your Kroger Card!

Become a Paw Partner

We invite you to help us by joining our Paw Partner monthly donation program. Your monthly, recurring donation will provide ongoing, sustainable support year-round. Even the smallest donation, given consistently, adds up to a substantial amount to keep our No-Kill shelter open and saving lives.

You can schedule your monthly donations by credit card on our website Donate page, or through your bank with monthly check distributions to us.
Ways to Shop & Donate!

Download the WoofTrax phone app and earn us money every time you walk a dog! The app is available for iPhone and Android, just select us as your shelter. Start helping us today!
Another way to support us is via They have many retailers in their network that will GIVE US A DONATION if you purchase through It is a free service and you will need to create an account with them. Once you do, select Bay Area Pet Adoptions as your cause and every purchase you make with one of their member retailers will earn us a donation.

You can install the button on your browser for quick access to all their options once you are registered.

Help Us When you Shop
Shopping at can earn us a portion of every purchase you make with them! Using this fundraising link is no cost to you. Just use the link every time you want to shop

Please SHARE this information. We need your help so that we can continue saving lives. We are the only No-Kill shelter in our area and we need your support. More importantly, homeless dogs and cats need your support. Our area is full of kill shelters, without us even more dogs and cats will be euthanized.

  Sponsor a Shelter Pet
Do you want to share your love of animals but can’t adopt at this time? Why not Sponsor a Shelter Pet? Sponsoring a dog or cat is one way you provide directly for the care of an animal while they are at our shelter waiting for adoption.

More information is on our Share Your Love page.

Adopt a Kennel
You can adopt a kennel at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA. Adoptions are $200 for a canine kennel and $100 for a feline kennel. Sponsorships are good for one year an may be renewed. A plaque with your inscription will be placed on a kennel for the length of your adoption. Download the Kennel Sponsor form here. You may email us with questions. Don't forget - they make great gifts!

Lost & Found
Post a lost or found pet on Bay Area Pet Adoptions Message Board.





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