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Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born 2012

I am a handsome guy with a fur pattern that makes me a Tabby-Tuxedo! I enjoy being petted, do well with other cats, and I love to play fetch (like a dog). I am fine with gentle dogs. See me play fetch on YouTube.

My sponsors are John & Debbie Russell.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born August 2013

I'm a sweet and loving guy who enjoys being petted. I also enjoy romping and playing with other cats. Like other Tabby cats, I have a unique pattern in my super-soft fur.

My sponsor is Max.
Flame Point Siamese-Domestic Short Hair
Born April 2011

I'm a gorgeous and happy guy who is very loving. I am told I am one of the sweetest kitties you will ever come across. I absolutely love belly rubs and chasing feather wands. I think I jumped off of a cat tree and landed wrong on my left hind leg. Occasionally, after napping, when I get up I favor that leg until I walk around and work it out. My foster mom said it is no big deal and does not keep me from running around and playing with the other cats! Admittedly, I often played it up to get even more attention, but she caught on to that after a few times ;).
My sponsor is The Ballesteros Family.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born July 2013

I'm a carefree little guy who loves to have fun and be held in your arms. When I hear a bell ringing, I come running to play! I love having my soft orange fur petted and brushed while we lounge on the sofa together. Please come spend a few minutes with me at the shelter, I guarantee you'll fall in love with me.

My sponsor is Emily.
Calico-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born 2012

Are you seeking a relaxed kitty to curl up beside you and keep you company? Look no further, for you have found me! I'm relaxing to be with and quite content to simply nap in your lap throughout the morning. My melodious purrs will lull you to sleep for many wonderful years to come. I can certainly be very playful if you shake a colorful feather wand for me to chase, too!
My sponsor is Jasmine.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born February 2013

I'm a sweetheart of a guy who loves to play and cuddle with people and with other cats. I hear talk of how gorgeous I am with my buff coloring and swirl pattern in my fur. What I really want to hear is that I have been adopted and will be cared for and loved for the rest of my life.

My sponsors are Linda & Marty Smith.
Dilute Tortoiseshell Mix
Born May 2013

I'm a small gal with silky, gray-speckled fur. I hear the word "precious" a lot as I am snuggling in a persons neck. I enjoy playing and do well with other cats. My sister, Jordan, and I were rescued together. She has been adopted and I hope my forever family finds me soon.

My sponsors are Ashton & Andrew.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born September 2012

I have an endearing, calm personality accompanied by a quiet and beautiful demeanor. I enjoy playing alone with interactive toys or with another calm cat. My fur is plush and easily groomed, an activity I enjoy while bonding with my favorite person. Will that be you?

My sponsor is Chloe Crepinsek.
Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born January 2010

I'm a handsome guy who loves to play, as well as take a good nap. Break out a laser light or a plush toy and I will offer you hours of entertainment chasing and playing with them. Tossing and catching a toy mouse is one of my favorite tricks to show off!

My sponsors are Kathy & Alisha Amato.
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