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Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born April 2014

Available for adoption October 15.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born August 2013

I'm a sweet, loving guy who enjoys being petted. Like other tabby cats, I have a unique pattern in my super-soft fur! I am very social and easy-going; making friends is easy for me! Romping and racing with other cats to catch mouse toys are my favorite playtime activities. I would love for you to visit and spend time playing with me. We may be able to spend many years playing together in my very own forever home!
My sponsor is Max.
Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born April 2010

I am a prince without a castle! An elegant and handsome cat such as myself merits living in a home with luxuries such as meals served promptly, cat nip toys, and the softest of blankets! Since a prince is nothing without his fellow royal court, I shall be more comfortable living with a lovely princess or gentle prince felines. In return, I'll offer a lifetime of comforting hugs to you by placing my paws on your shoulders. The gratitude I will feel once I'm in a home will be endless.
My sponsor is Sapphire.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born July 2013

I'm a carefree little guy who loves to have fun and be held in your arms. When I hear a bell ringing, I come running to play! I love having my soft orange fur petted and brushed while we lounge on the sofa together. Please come spend a few minutes with me at the shelter, I guarantee you'll fall in love with me.

My sponsor is Emily.
Calico-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born 2012

Are you seeking a relaxed kitty to curl up beside you and keep you company? Look no further, for you have found me! I'm relaxing to be with and quite content to simply nap in your lap throughout the morning. My melodious purrs will lull you to sleep for many wonderful years to come. I can certainly be very playful if you shake a colorful feather wand for me to chase, too!
My sponsor is Jasmine.
Tabby-Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born February 2013

I'm a sweetheart of a guy who loves to play and cuddle with people and with other cats. I hear talk of how gorgeous I am with my buff coloring and swirl pattern in my fur. What I really want to hear is that I have been adopted and will be cared for and loved for the rest of my life.

My sponsors are Linda & Marty Smith.
Domestic Short Hair Mix
Born March 2014

I'm a marvelous cat with a striking tuxedo coat and outstanding personality who is awaiting a life of luxury in my own forever home. My favorite activities include climbing to the top of and lounging on cat towers, playing with feather wands, and enjoying being brushed. My admirable qualities include being well-spoken with a soft, seemingly never-ending purr. I will make a great playmate and lifetime companion for your family.
My sponsor is Shelley Conway.
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