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Fox Terrier-Whippet Mix
Born 2008
Approx. 14 lbs.
Photo by Amanda Compton Photos
I am a real sweetheart and the perfect companion for just about anyone. I'm smart, easy going, and I have the most expressive face. I may be "middle-aged" but I still enjoy play time. I have even been told that I a beautiful personality - come visit it me and you will see that for yourself!
My sponsors are Princess, Archie, & the late Roxie.
Brussels Griffon Mix
Born November 2013
Approx. 18 lbs.

Available for adoption August 4.
Terrier Mix
Born January 2014
Approx. 10 lbs.

I am a cute little girl that is excited about everything. When on a walk, I get so excited that I leap into the air. I chased my first butterfly last week. I also enjoy sitting on your lap or to be next to you. I can't wait to learn more about the world, everything is very exciting.  Please come and share things with me.
My sponsors are Bear & Kopper.
Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
Born November 2012
Approx. 41 lbs.

I'm a handsome, sweet, and fun loving guy. I attend Canine Coaching and Saturday Free-Run Social Park. I am doing well in coaching, and love the park because they always have those plastic pools and I love, love, love the water. Sometimes I think I am a lap dog but they keep telling me I'm not a lap dog, so I am learning the half-lap sit! I'm an affectionate guy longing for a family of my very own. Come see me and give me a hug. I am sure you will want to give me a home.
My sponsors are Marie and Carol Sorrendino.
Chihuahua Mix
Born August 2013
Approx. 6 lbs.

I am a cutie-pie, at least that's what everyone says! If you are looking for a sweetie with personality all wrapped up in a small package . . . then I am your guy!

My sponsors are Trisha & Jerry Elkins.
Dachshund Mix
Born 2011
Approx. 23 lbs.
I'm a sweet and active gal that loves to go on walks. I am probably not a lap dog or carry-me-around dog (although that could change!), but I have learned that people are pretty awesome, especially when they play with me! I have learned how to sit and sit-pretty. I will make a wonderful companion to hang out and do things with, and I just realized that I enjoy car rides! I love to watch out the window, since there is so much to see! I can still be a bit shy at times so please come get to know me in person. I will probably do best in a home without small children. See me on YouTube.
My sponsor is Jo Traynor.
Border Collie Mix
Born February 2013

Available for adoption August 4.

My sponsors are Amy & Farrell Jeppesen.
Dachshund-Schnauzer Mix
Born November 2013
Approx. 15 lbs.

Available for adoption August 4.
Shepherd-Labrador Retriever Mix
Born June 2009
Approx. 65 lbs.

I am a sweet guy, tall and handsome, and sometimes a goof-ball. I go to Saturday Free-Run Social Park, and enjoy a romp in the shelter play yard. I am a graduate of Canine Coaching and I am pretty well mannered. I like toys and kongs, and soft cushy beds. I am patiently waiting for someone who will give me all the love I need, and be understanding of my tendency to protect my people and home from any strangers who may enter it; crating me before guests arrive may be the best way to handle that.
My sponsors are Teresa & Jerry.
Chihuahua Mix
Born August 2012
Approximately 18 lbs.

I think I look like a Vinny, don't I? I enjoyed posing for my pictures and being a model was very easy since I know how to sit perfectly! I walk well on leash, too, so if you you'd like a laid-back companion to go for nice strolls through the park, then I am definitely your go-to guy. Please come meet me.
My sponsors are Maddie & Dillon Davis.
Chihuahua-Dachshund Mix
Born November 2012
Approx. 10 lbs.

My sponsor is The Brockman Family.
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