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Beagle Mix
Born March 2014
Approx. 20 lbs.

Chihuahua Mix
Born March 2014
Approx. 6 lbs.

I'm a perky little guy with a cute little apple-head and big brown eyes! I am the perfect age for learning things, I just hope I can be patient enough to wait for my new family to show up so we can learn things together.

My sponsor is Honeybunch Schreck.
Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix
Born December 2011
Approx. 54 lbs.

I'm just a girl, all girl, sugar, spice and all things nice. I love to play, go for walks, and run around in the tall grass. I walk very nicely on a leash and have "sit" and "down" mastered. I can be a little shy when I first meet you, but once I get to know you my smile will be irresistible. I do enjoy our shelter dog park on Saturday, but really prefer to chose my own canine buddies. I promise that by taking the time to meet me more than once, you will see what a special girl I really am. See me on YouTube.
My sponsor is the Smith Family.
Fox Terrier-Whippet Mix
Born 2008
Approx. 14 lbs.

I am a real sweetheart and the perfect companion for just about anyone. I'm smart, easy going, and I have the most expressive face. I may be "middle-aged" but I still enjoy play time. I have even been told that I have a beautiful personality - come visit me and you will see that for yourself!
My sponsor is Lindy Prine.
Chihuahua Mix
Born September 2012
Approx. 10 lbs.

I'm a cute guy of small stature who has a a lot of character, sort of like the actor, Peter Dinklage, on Game of Thrones. So, I'm just sitting here on my Throne waiting for my new family to find me and love me forever. I promise I will do the same.
My sponsor is The Douglas Zoo.
Labrador Retriever-Flat Coated Retriever Mix
Born November 2013

I'm a young handsome Flat Coated Retriever mix that can't wait to meet my family.  I am very eager to learn and the perfect age for it too.  I'm playful, very people oriented and looking forward to lots of adventures with someone that will love me for all the years to come.

My sponsorship is In Loving Memory of David Ashburn.
Chihuahua Mix
Born August 2013
Approx. 6 lbs.

I am a cutie-pie, at least that's what everyone says! If you are looking for a sweetie with personality all wrapped up in a small package . . . then I am your guy!

My sponsors are Trisha & Jerry Elkins.
Dachshund Mix
Born 2011
Approx. 23 lbs.
I'm a sweet and active gal that loves to go on walks. I am probably not a lap dog or carry-me-around dog (although that could change!), but I have learned that people are pretty awesome, especially when they play with me! I have learned how to sit and sit-pretty. I will make a wonderful companion to hang out and do things with, and I just realized that I enjoy car rides! I love to watch out the window, since there is so much to see! I can still be a bit shy at times so please come get to know me in person. I will probably do best in a home without small children. See me on YouTube.
My sponsor is Jo Traynor.
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