Adopting a cat or dog can be one of the most exciting days of your life. Many factors should be taken into consideration before choosing an animal to share your home and life, including how much time you and your family have to spend with the companion animal, how much money can be spent each month on food and other expenses, and how much space is available for the animal to live.

When adopting, you are commiting to caring for the animal for it's natural life, which can be 15-20 years for a cat and 10-15 years for a dog. This commitment includes not only your love and time, but also a financial commitment for food, supplies, grooming and veterinary care. (Links to informative adoption kits are in the Caring For Your Pet section below.)

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Each Adoptable Animal has had:
1. Health evaluation
2. Vaccinations including rabies
3. Spay/Neuter surgery
4. De-worming
5. FIV/FeLV testing for felines
6. Heartworm testing for canines 6-months and older
7. Micro-chipping with lifetime registration

Canine Adoption Fees
Under 1 year  $140
1 year - 4 years  $100
5+ years  $75
  Feline Adoption Fees
Under 1 year  $95
1 year - 6 years  $75
7+ years  $50

We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Surrendering Your Pet
As the only No-Kill shelter in our area, demand is high for placing an animal with us. We can only take in an adoptable cat or dog when space is available and it is by appointment only. There is a minimum relinquishment fee of $125.00 due at the time of intake. Please contact us for space availability.
















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