Thought y'all might enjoy a Happy Tail update on our big orange boy Tonto who we adopted from your shelter (then called the Bay Area SPCA) in July 1999.  Tonto was a tiny 2 month old kitten but he was savvy enough to figure out that my husband has a soft spot for orange tabbies because he kept hollering to be picked up and then purred like crazy in our arms. Tonto is now almost 15 years old and still our beloved baby boy - he has slowed down some and has diabetes so requires special care, but his wonderful purr motor is still set on high volume and he's a wonderful big brother to our 2 other rescue kitties.  Tonto's favorite trick is dragging blankets around the house when we're gone, leaving them like trophies in the entryway - such a silly boy! Thank you for rescuing Tonto so he could find the purrfect forever home with us! - Karen

Thad & Rita
Hello Bay Area Pet Adoptions from Sparky aka Thad and Gracie aka Rita!  Just a quick note to let you guys know that they are both quite happy. Our Gracie "bear" is such a sweet girl.  She loves car rides and gets mighty sad if she does not get her morning walk! We will never guess why she was given up but rest assured she is so loved and is such a joy. Our little Sparky is still adjusting but he will get there. He is quite a character and keeps us on our toes. He is always exploring. He is my special boy.  Love him to pieces!  We have gone on a couple of camping trips and they both like to go on hikes. Gracie especially likes the water!  Thank you Bay Area Pet Adoptions for the gift of these two beauties.  We had just lost our beloved lab Mandy when we adopted.  We needed them as much as they needed us. They are both in their forever home and will always be cared for and loved! - The Brodie Family

She's been renamed Pooka after an Irish trouble-making spirit, and it fits! She has settled in well and my older cat Zoot (a rescue himself from South Carolina) has accepted her. They have lively bouts of wrestling first thing in the morning, nap together and Zoot attempts to give her baths. Pooka has to be in the middle of things all the time. I work from home often and she's normally between me and the laptop as I work. I'd like to think she has an interest in the conservation work I do, but I think she's just looking for a comfy, warm spot. She now has a large fish tank to watch during the day and spends time sitting and watching (stalking?) the fish swimming back and forth. When not observing the fish or wrestling she spends her time with Zoot watching the world from the windowsill. She's been a great addition to my home and is proving to be a cuddly companion. Keep up the great work and thank you! - Amanda

We adopted a then 6 month old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix named Dina on May 18, 2006. We just wanted to let you know that we still have her and love her so much! We have renamed her Zoe and she is the most affectionate, loyal dog ever. She is now 8 and starting to get a little of the middle age spread, but she is still active and never meets a stranger. She has moved all over the state with us as we have gotten new job and love going on road trips! She loves her siblings - Alec (8 year old wiener dog,) Theo (3 year old wiener dog,) and Fil (an ageless wonder of a cat) but let's them know that she is boss :) Thank you for all of the work you do, especially for putting her into our lives! Keep up the good work! - The Turner Family

Not sure if anyone working there will remember this guy.  His name is Chance. You saved him 10 years ago. He had been hit by a truck on Hwy 146 one cold January day and Bay Area picked him up. He had to have his leg amputated and you housed him until August when we adopted him. Thanks so much for giving this dog a "chance"! He is an important member of our family! - The Alexander Family

I adopted Mia, who now goes by Sadie. It took her a couple days to adjust to her new forever home, but she's growing into it and is sweet and cuddly and loves to play with her toys all the time!! - Kandace

Gus has been the sweetest dog. We didn't even hear him bark for the first few months, and then when he did it was really cute. He adjusted really well when we lived in an apartment now he has is own back yard with squirrels to chase. He really has been an amazing addition to our family and we are thankful for the Bay  Area Pet  Adoptions for saving such a sweetheart like him.  - Karl

This is Canon and Chase at the park by our home. My son and my husband both have the initials CCC. So, Chase is name Chase Cheeto Comanich so he is also CCC! We love him and he's part of our family. - Lori

This is Biscuit and Emerson lounging on the sofa.  He has fit in really well with my little group.  I caught him grooming my female kitty this morning. He likes sleeping in the window and cuddling with me on the sofa. He still gives me the occasional love bite, but that's OK, cause we love him too. I think that means he is happy in his new home. - Robin

We adopted Sadie (Bridgette) and she is doing great. She's very playful, curious, and sweet. She loves to bark at the TV, run in the backyard (she's so fast!), and play with her growing toy collection. She is so smart and learns new things very quickly. We love her so much and we are so happy to have her in our family. - The Johnson Family

Thank you guys so much again. It only took Homie (Freckles) about a day and a half to come out of his condo and explore. Now, just as any cat does, he's taken over the kingdom that is my apartment. He's quite the vocal cat too-and I've never heard a cat have so many different volumes of meows. He has plenty of toys to play with and has already found several little hiding spots to sleep during the day.  Here's a few pictures. - David

My family and I adopted Ace from y'all over a year ago. I do not know if you truly understand what an amazing gift you have brought into our life. Ace who was shy and timid of new things, is now running our family nicely and enjoys his puppy play time. - Megan




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