A Safe Place For Paws - Phase I is Complete

    Our Big Dog Kennel renovation is finish! The dogs are loving it and so are we. Their new kennels provide them with lots of room and a completely safe environment. Ana took Derek (kennel tech) for a tour and could not contain her enthusiasm!

    Our work is not done We are now focused on Phase II - our Small Dog Kennel renovation. Thanks your generosity we have raised $246,000 (Phase I and II) and only need $54,000 A reach our goal A $300,000. You can learn more about our Capital Campaign, at www.bayareapetadopions org



    Pets in Need - Piper and Tucker

    Our mission is to help homeless pets - including some with medical issues. When Piper came to the shelter she was malnourished, dealing with severe skin allergies, and heartworm positive. After several months she not only regained her strength, she developed a gorgeous coat. Piper is currently undergoing heartworm treatment, but that didn't stop her from posing for her "Glamor Shot". You can see how proud she is of her new look! Piper is an active senior and will be ready for adoption in late January/early February.

    When Tuker came to the shelter his neck and ears wre covered with infected wounds,some of whic h required surgery. We believe he had been mauled by another dog while roaming the streets. The poor boy was clearly exhausted and in need of help. Now that he has recovered, Tucker can't stop smiling and gleefully posed for his "Glamour Shot". This handsome boy loves life and is ready to share his with a forever family.


    Long Timers Looking For Love

    Do you have room in your hearts and home Mr a rescue or two, These five pets have been with us for more than a year and would love to become part of your family. Mr. Grey finds all activity in cattery a bit overwhelming and would thrive in a home call his own. He is loving, talkative, a. playful; but needs a less stressful environment. Ethan is a silly boy who has the zoomies one minute. and becomes shy and loving the next. He will keep you entertained width his antics and awed by his adoration. Katie is a very bright and loves a challenge. She’s had some agility training and is a natural. Katie also knows some basic commands and has been known to share a kiss. Stassio and Sweetheart are a mother/daughter duo. Stassio is very attached her mom and Sweetheart lives up to her name - she is a sweetheart These two are a bonded pair looking for family a willing to open their heads and home the two of them.


    'Tis the Season - Christmas Kittens
    No matter time of year, homeless kittens abound. Our latest additions are just in time for the holidays. Meet (from front to rear): Jack Frost, Santa Claws, Poinsettia, and Mistletoe They are 3 months old and ready to celebrate the new year with a new family If you want a more mature kitten we have many that were born earlier this year. All would make a great addition to any home!
    Senior Center

    Meet the 'seniors' at Bay Area Pet adoptions Oregano, Sebastian, Cheeto and piper. In addition to being a senior, Oregano is a special needs pup-he is blind Despite Mal challenge, he ls a happy, loving guy That smile is his signature and all he needs is a Me time M get to !mow your scent, Sebastian just arrived and is ready for he next adventure with a new forever family Cheeto loves to hang in windows and follow his favorite human around He is also quite a talker and great company Piper, pictured in an early feature, knows basic tricks, likes to go for walks, and adores balls If a senior pet is up your alley, these four pets will bowl you overt

     Happy Holidays from Bay Area Pet Adoptions!