Meet Mia and Pokey, 10 and 12 year old dachshunds abandoned at the shelter, A note from the owners stated they could no longer care for them. These two cuties had skin issues and Mia's nails were so long they curled under her arthritic paws almost embedding in them, They now sport short nails and their skin is mostly healed making them feel years younger!

    While they are looking good, all is not well Both have mammary tumors and a mouthful of rotten teeth Full mastectomies are required and many teeth need to be extracted. We are working with vets to reduce the cost, but it will still top $3,000.

    Mia is an absolute cuddle bug and wants to be in a lap 24/7. Pokey still likes to run around, explore, and play a bit. Both will make great pets for a low key home and are looking forward to finding their future family together.


  • Charming Cheeto has been with us for almost two years. He’s a bit shy until he gets to know you, but then his loving nature blossoms. He greets you with hugs. and will talk to you. asking how your day went. Cheeto has a delightfully playful side which will captivate you as will his athletic prowess. you might think he was trying out for the Kitty Olympics as he takes tiff with short spurts of zoomies or attempts the high jump for a feather wand. Treat puzzles and cardboard scratch pads are treasured pleasures, and he Is clearly thankful that catnip is legal! Cheeto is a loving, personable, and fun-loving cat that will make a great pet. All he needs is someone to take the time to get to know him. Time you will never rage.

  • Captivating Katie is a sweet. But shy, gal that bas been at the shelter fur just over two years. Though it takes extra time to get to know her. it is worth every minute. Once she bonds. she is utterly devoted. and becomes the biggest love bog bug. She is easy to walk on a leash. has some agility skills, and is a quick learner - especially when treats are involved, Her favorite trick is 'shake. She will offer her paw again and again and again. Katie is also a BIG fan of belly rubs and adores Me water! There is so much fan and love inside this sweet gal and she would happily share her life with a laid back four-legged friend. A little extra time getting to know Katie will provide lifetime of heartwarming affection, and relationship you will treasure forever.


  • Most pets we rescue are ready for adoption once they are spayed/neutered. vaccinated. and microchipped; but others have medical issues. We are committed to helping all of them become healthy, have a quality of life, and find gad special family. So far this year we have found homes for 220 pets; 137 dogs and 83 cats. We hope to top 250 by year end. We thought we’d share some of those special medical cases. We've been busy!

    In January we rescued  9 dogs from two separate hoarding situations. Six of those dogs were heartworm positive. We have since treated an addition 14 dogs for heartworms.

    Four rescues had broken legs after being hit by a vehicle and, in one case a broken pelvis most recently we rescued Benedict, hit by a motorcycle during the lone star Rally in Galveston. Both rear legs were broken and are now in splints. Benedict will require strict rest for 10 weeks. This 8 months old loves life and plans to make that a challenge!

    A litter of 7 four week old puppies was abandoned at the shelter this summer. As luck would have it, they tested positive for parvo. We are thrilled to share that all survived thanks to the amazing care of our Shelter Manager, Kimberly Carlisle, and our staff. All have been adopted and are living the dream with their new families.

    Several rescues suffered from severe skin conditions, including hairless Dewey, who was found picking through garbage at a landfill in Pearland; and Norman, who is still with us Norman is about 6 years old, easy going and the perfect dog for a low-key household.



  • Our Capital Program is ongoing. The Big Dog Kennel renovation is complete. There are now 28 usable kennels which provide a much safer environment for our dogs, staff, and volunteers. Stress for the dogs is greatly reduced as inside kennel doors provide total privacy for each pet, while the outside doors provide a full view of the great outdoors.

    Our med Room was also renovated thanks in part, to grants received from the Mary Jane carvel Foundation. Their grant helped provided equipment needed to make this a safe surgical facility where we now provide onsite spay/neuter services for our pets. Dedicated veterinarians provide their services at reduced rate and we are able to help other rescues, by offering them a low cost spay/neuter alternative. We hope io expand this service to the community sometime in the future.

  • We continue to raise money toward the capital improvements needed for the small dog kennel and cattery. Inflation has impacted costs since the start of the campaign and we are in the process of obtaining an updated bid for that work.