• Goose (aka Tiana) is doing great. Her veterinary appointment went just fine, and she is in good health.

    She is a lovely, sweet girl who adapted quickly to her home. In only a few short days, she was out of her shell and enjoying her kitty life to the fullest. I named her Goose because she was zooming around the house having a great time, and made me think of a mongoose. LOL. And her fur is so soft, like goose down. She's got a cute personality, and Goose just seems to suit her.

    She enjoys being around me, whatever room I am in. And she likes to sleep on my neck, head, and face. I love the snuggles. :-) She is such a great traveler that I am going to work on harness training. Who knows, she might enjoy some kitty adventures. 

    Know that Goose is loved. We are having a good time getting to know each other and establishing our communication and habits.