• A standard poodle rolling on the floor

    Trooper is doing great and is loved by everyone!  He has been to the vet and got his one shot he needed.  My wife usually works from home so he gets attention all day.  Trooper goes to doggy day care on the one day a week that she has to go into the office.  At doggy day care he gets to run and play all day with his friends so he comes home good and tired...the doggy daycare workers say he is very energetic and loves getting dirty.  We usually walk/run him 2-3 miles a day to help get out the energy too!  He is well behaved on the leash, is friendly to everyone he meets, doesn’t mark, and doesn’t bark at the other dogs around.  There is a neighbor dog across the street that we let him run up and down the fence with to help get the energy out too (we call it getting the zoomies out!!!).  He is nice to the cats and they want to be friends but the cats just cannot get over their issues with him yet; but they will warm up eventually J  He does not like his crate so he rarely has to go into it anymore; and if we do leave him at home he gets a nice big room to hang out in (but now he’s not a fan of that either).  So if possible, he will ride with us wherever we go and is completely happy as long as he is with us.  If I am at home he doesn’t leave my side much and is usually right under my feet.  He has a nice pallet to sleep on at night as well right next to my side of the bed.  He enjoyed riding around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights with us and even got to meet Santa!  Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention but he has found his voice and it is a nice deep bark!  He seems very happy and is getting more and more comfortable with us each day.  We are very lucky to have found him!