Our Capital Program is ongoing.

The Big Dog Kennel renovation is complete. There are now 28 usable kennels which provide a much safer environment for our dogs, staff, and volunteers. Stress for the dogs is greatly reduced as inside kennel doors provide total privacy for each pet, while the outside doors provide a full view of the great outdoors.

Our med room was also renovated thanks in part, to grants received from the Mary Jane carvel Foundation. Their grant helped provided equipment needed to make this a safe surgical facility where we now provide onsite spay/neuter services for our pets. Dedicated veterinarians provide their services at reduced rate and we are able to help other rescues, by offering them a low cost spay/neuter alternative. We hope to expand this service to the community sometime in the future.

A Pet Examination Office Space

We continue to raise money toward the capital improvements needed for the small dog kennel and cattery.

Inflation has impacted costs since the start of the campaign and we are in the process of obtaining an updated bid for that work.