Safe Place for Paws

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

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An animal shelter without kennels cannot fulfill its mission.

Bay Area Pet Adoptions rescues hundreds of dogs and cats every year. This has been our primary mission for more than half a century, but that mission is now in jeopardy. Our kennels – now more than thirty years old – are structurally failing. Many are no longer safe to house animals waiting for a home, and more will fail soon. Left unrepaired, we will be unable to care for dogs while they await adoption.

We are proud of the work our shelter has done in saving pets’ lives, so we are asking for your help in continuing this critical mission. In order to renovate failing kennels, we are introducing the Safe Place for Paws Capital Campaign. Please consider a financial contribution to support this effort.  See our sponsorship opportunities below.

Our shelter, located in San Leon, provides kennel space for large and small dogs, but the need has increased over the years, and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Safe Place for Paws campaign will allow us to renovate aging kennels, and will enable us to accept and house more dogs needing a safe place until they are adopted.

Our Safe Place for Paws goal is to raise $300,000 to renovate and replace kennels in both the large and small dog kennel buildings. A generous gift of $150,000 has already been donated, so we are asking for your help in raising the remaining funding needed to complete the project. Our work will be completed in phases, with the replacement and renovation of large dog kennels first, followed by the small dog kennels.

We are offering donors the opportunity to receive permanent, public recognition at several funding levels. Please see the sponsorship application below for more information on these opportunities. We also encourage individual donors to contact their employers about potential Matching Gifts programs. Donations may be made using the enclosed application or by submitting your information online.

If you have questions, please contact our Board President, Annie Lamont, or any of our Board Members.

Thank you for your consideration of this important request, and help us continue to be a Safe Place for Paws.

Old kennels and replacement ones

Mark Your Spot Sponsorships

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Make Room for Rover!

Permanent sponsorships for large dog kennel building

  • Large dog kennel building sponsorship – $30,000
  • Large dog kennel multi-purpose workroom sponsorship – $5,000
  • Large dog kennel building individual kennel sponsorship – $3,000

Safe Places for Pups!

Permanent sponsorships for small dog kennel building

  • Small dog kennel building sponsorship – $30,000
  • Small dog kennel multi-purpose workroom sponsorship – $5,000
  • Small dog kennel building individual kennel sponsorship – $3,000

The Cat’s Meow!

Permanent sponsorships for cattery & medical room building

  • Cattery building sponsorship – $10,000
  • Medical / operating room suite sponsorship – $10,000

BAPA’s Best Friends!

Permanent sponsorships for shelter property

  • Main shelter office building sponsorship – $30,000
  • Volunteer building sponsorship – $20,000
  • Canine play yards (4 sponsorships available) – $5,000

    Safe Place for Paws Capital Campaign

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