• Volunteer Opportunities

    Interested in Volunteering? Just follow the steps below:

    1. Please review our Volunteer Opportunities

    2. Complete an online Volunteer Application (Click the Blue button)

    3. Complete a Release/Waiver of Liability form prior to volunteering

    4. Schedule and attend a monthly General Volunteer Orientation. This lasts approximately 1 hour. (Attending an orientation is required in order to volunteer). Volunteer Orientations are held monthly. Dates vary each month. For more information, please email us at: info@bayareapetadoptions.org

         • Volunteer Orientations are not held during December.

         • Volunteer hours at the shelter are: 11:00am – 4:00pm daily, excluding Wednesday.

    We do not have a Community Service program.

    Volunteer Requirements: All volunteers must have the physical and cognitive abilities to volunteer independently, once all required training is completed. Volunteers must be able to utilize the online scheduling system as well as any online training that is required.

    Communication: In the interest of time, cost and efficiency, volunteer communications will typically be done via email.

    Please Note the Following Age Restrictions: You must be 16 years of age to volunteer. We are unable to accept children 15 years and younger into our volunteer program. A parent/legal guardian must volunteer with children between the ages of 16 and 17 at all times while at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA. Parents of children ages 16-17 must accompany them to orientation.
    Time Commitments: These are scheduled positions arranged to suit your own availability after all required training is completed.

    On-site Volunteer Opportunities: Please review our current volunteer opportunities below:

         • Cat Cuddler:  Cattery volunteers help keep our felines friendly and affectionate. You can cuddle, play with, and assist with grooming, bathing and enrichment. All of our felines need attention and affection during their stay to make them more adoptable. A brief Cattery Orientation will be provided by our wonderful Staff. 

         • Cattery Cleaning/Feeding Shift: Are you are morning person and interested in getting things accomplished early? This may be the shift for you. Volunteer to assist the Cattery Staff clean/feed and prior to the shelter opening. This is a volunteer work-shift, separate than the Cat Cuddler socialization shift. The ability to bend, lift, clean and feed is required. Specialized training by the Cattery Staff is required.
         • Time Commitment: As this shift requires specialized training by staff, we ask that you commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week.

         • Canine Crew:  Your participation in the Canine Crew will help to exercise, socialize and keep the dogs behaviorally healthy until they are adopted. All participants will go through both online and hands-on, mentored training for safety and consistency in dog-handling skills. All participants must have the physical ability to handle the dogs, and a commitment to their care is required. Bay Area Pet Adoptions utilizes positive training methods.

    Additionally, K9 handlers are needed to bring and showcase our adoptable dogs at events. Due to the specialized training required for the Canine Crew, a minimum of six hours per month is required for the first 3 months.

         • Office Help: Do you love animals but would rather help in other ways that doesn’t always include pet hair? Volunteer indoors assisting with data entry, document scanning shredding ect… Basic office skills are needed for this volunteer opportunity.

    There are so many things that volunteers may wish to do! A few examples are listed below and we are frequently adding new volunteer opportunities as needed:

           • Facility Maintenance and Groundskeeping: These are ongoing projects needed to help maintain and keep our grounds in good condition. Donate your time by painting, mowing, weed eating and performing minor repairs.

         •  Fundraising/Special Events: Help us with our fundraisers and special events!

         • Photography: Great photos and videos help get homeless pets adopted!

         • Marketing: Do you have marketing skill sets you’d like to share? We can use your help!

         • Gardening: Help Bay Area Pet Adoptions with the upcoming Serenity Garden. All gardening help will be appreciated!

         • Community Pet Food Pantry: Did you know that Bay Area Pet Adoptions has a Pet Food Pantry to assist community members and their pets who are in need? If you are interested in helping pets and people, this may be the position for you! Prepare pet food packages, help keep donations organized and assist community members with keeping their beloved pets at home.

    Special Project or Group Volunteering: Would you, or your special interest group like to support our mission and our shelter pets by performing a special project or completing a one-day group project for the shelter or would you like to coordinate or participate in offsite projects/events? If so, please contact: info@bayareapetadoptions.org for more information.

    Below is just a small sample of projects on our wish list.

         • Landscaping, tree trimming

         • Gardening, planting, building raised garden beds in the Serenity Garden

         • Build a small archway marking the entrance to the Serenity Garden

         • Move large sand/dirt pile (spread it out evenly, filling in low areas)

         • Create stone/paver pathway for Serenity Garden

         • Enclose concrete pad with fencing and gates for canine adoption meet and greets

         • Build shade cover and/or deck in agility yard

         • Repair/replace the shade covers in the play yards

         • Paint the building trim/doors ect…

         • Collecting donations off our Wish List

         • Fundraising

         • Making toys/pet blankets for our shelter pets

         • Assisting at our upcoming fundraising events

    Do you have any additional suggestions? Please let us know!