• If you have found a stray animal here's what you need to do.

    1. Ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes the animal.  Some pets are escape artists.

    2.Take the animal to a local Veterinarian's Office or Shelter to have it scanned for a microchip.  If the animal has a  microchip, they can assist in finding the owner as long as the owner has registered the microchip and kept their information up to date.

    3. If the animal doesn't have a microchip.  Please take it to the nearest County animal shelter to where the animal was found.  If someone's animal accidentally escaped, this is the first place they will look.

    After a shelter holds a lost pet for 3–4 days and the pet’s family doesn’t show up, you can adopt the dog for a fee. The price usually includes a spay/neuter, vaccinations and a microchip.

    4. Make a "Found Dog" flyer and post it to your local social media pages such as Facebook, Next Door, Craig's List, etc

    Before going to the shelter, take a photo of the dog to put on a flyer:

    • Include the date, the area in which you found the lost dog and your phone number.
    • Hold back a few facts, if possible, so you can make sure anyone who contacts you is the pet’s real family.
    • Post these flyers throughout your neighborhood as well as on your front or garage door. If the family is driving around the neighborhood, they’ll see the sign and inquire within.

    In some instances the owners might not know their animal has gone missing yet.

    5.  If you decide to hold on to the animal while searching for the owners.  Please report the animal found on http://petharbor.com/ (this is the site the local shelters use). Also share on social media sites and make some flyers to post near where the animal was found.  In most cases there is a family out there missing their beloveded "Fido".

    Bay Area Pet Adoptions is not a County facility and is unable to take in stray animals.

    Here's a list of some of the local county shelters.

    Galveston County Animal Resource Center
    (409) 948-2485
    3412 Loop 197 North, Texas City, Tx 77590
    They ONLY accept animals from residents in the following cities:

    Bayou Vista
    La Marque
    San Leon
    Texas City
    Tiki Island

    Alvin Animal Control
    (281) 388 4331

    Deer Park Animal Control
    (281) 478 7274

    Dickinson Bayou Animal Services (serving Dickinson, Santa Fe and Clear Lake Shores)
    (281) 337-3177

    Galveston Island Humane Society
    (409) 740-1919

    Friendswood Animal Control
    (281) 996-3391

    Harris County Animal Control
    (281) 999-3191

    Houston (B.A.R.C)
    (713) 229-7300

    Houston SPCA
    (713) 869-7722

    Houston Humane Society
    (713) 433-6421

    La Porte Animal Control
    (281) 842-3700

    League City Animal Control
    (281) 554-1377

    Nassau Bay Animal Control
    (281) 333-4211

    Pasadena Animal Control
    (281) 998-7387

    Pearland Animal Control
    (281) 652-1970

    Texas Animal Control Solutions
    (877) 513-8228

    Seabrook Animal Control
    (281) 474-2590

    Webster Animal Control
    (281) 316-3700

    Wildlife Center of Texas
    (713) 861-9453