Meet Mia and Pokey, 10 and 12 year old dachshunds abandoned at the shelter.

A note from the owners stated they could no longer care for them. These two cuties had skin issues and Mia’s nails were so long they curled under her arthritic paws almost embedding in them.

They now sport short nails and their skin is mostly healed making them feel years younger!

While they are looking good, all is not well. Both have mammary tumors and a mouthful of rotten teeth. Full mastectomies are required and many teeth need to be extracted.

We are working with vets to reduce the cost, but it will still top $3,000.

Mia is an absolute cuddle bug and wants to be in a lap 24/7.

Pokey still likes to run around, explore, and play a bit.

Both will make great pets for a low key home and are looking forward to finding their future family together.