• Volunteer Opportunities

    You must be 16 years of age to volunteer, and a parent/legal guardian must volunteer with children between the ages of 16 and 17 at all times while at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA. Parents of children ages 16-17 must accompany them to orientation. We are unable to accept children 15 years and younger into our volunteer program.

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Review the categories and positions below.

    2. Attend our Volunteer Orientation that lasts about 45 minutes (attending an orientation is required in order to volunteer). If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please click the blue "Volunteer" button and complete the application.

    We do not have a Community Service program.

    Orientation dates for 2022 are:

    TBD Contact info@bayareapetadoptions.org for more information.

    There is no orientation in December

    Orientation is held at Bay Area Pet Adoptions, 3000 Avenue R, San Leon, TX 77539. 

    3. Have a question about volunteering? Email us: Info@bayareapetadoptions.org

    Communication: In the interest of time, cost and general efficiency, most of our volunteer communication will be done via email.

    Volunteering at Our Adoption Facility in San Leon

    Cat Cuddler

    Volunteer in our cattery and help keep our felines friendly and affectionate. You can cuddle, play with, and assist with grooming and bathing. All of our felines need attention and affection during their stay to make them more adoptable. Training in the handling and removal of cats from their kennels is required.

    Canine Crew

    Canine crew members must be able to leash the dogs, remove the dog from the kennel, maintain control over the dog, and return the dog back to its kennel safely. Your participation in the Canine Crew will help to exercise, socialize and keep the dos behaviorally healthy until they are adopted. Training in the handling and removal of the dogs from their kennel is required. Participants must have the physical ability to handle the dogs, and a commitment to their care is required. 

    Canine Socializer

    This is a scheduled position arranged to suit your own availability. A minimum of eight hours a month is required. Team members take the dogs for leash walks, play with them in the play yard, brush and groom, and give them lots of attention and affection. This is performed at the shelter and provides them with the love, companionship and exercise to keep their stress levels to a minimum.