Overlooked Long Term Cat

Overlooked Long Term Cat

Charming Cheeto has been with us for almost two years. He’s a bit shy until he gets to know you, but then his loving nature blossoms. He greets you with hugs. and will talk to you. asking how your day went. Cheeto has a delightfully playful side which will captivate...

Capital Program Update

Capital Program Update

Our Capital Program is ongoing. The Big Dog Kennel renovation is complete. There are now 28 usable kennels which provide a much safer environment for our dogs, staff, and volunteers. Stress for the dogs is greatly reduced as inside kennel doors provide total privacy...

Captivating Katie

Captivating Katie

Captivating Katie is a sweet, but shy, gal that bas been at the shelter for just over two years. Though it takes extra time to get to know her, it is worth every minute. Once she bonds, she is utterly devoted and becomes the biggest love bug. She is easy to walk on a...

Mia & Pokey Need Medical Care & a Home

Mia & Pokey Need Medical Care & a Home

Meet Mia and Pokey, 10 and 12 year old dachshunds abandoned at the shelter. A note from the owners stated they could no longer care for them. These two cuties had skin issues and Mia's nails were so long they curled under her arthritic paws almost embedding in them....

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